ZShot Customs PTW / APTW Cylinder

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Resurrected by popular request, we are bringing back the original (now discontinued) SYSTEMA PTW Cylinders with aluminum cylinder walls! They share the same internal designs as all PTW cylinders, same durable material, and same high-quality CNC production. Except they are lighter, and custom-built just for us - and by carefully selecting our partner factory, we were able to pass on the savings to you!

In fact, we are so confident with their reliability, all ZShot Customs Cylinders come with a 2-Year No-Fault Warranty. So you can buy with confidence!

    FPS with 10.5" Barrel FPS with 14.5" Barrel
Designation Color Initial After Break In
Initial After Break In
M90 Black 310 290 330 300
M100 Silver 340 320 360 330
M110 Blue 370 350 390 360
M120 Titanium 400 385 420 395
M130 Gold 430 410 450 425
M140 Gunmetal 470 450 490 460
M150 Red 520 500 540 510

ALWAYS CONFIRM  VIA ACTUAL CHRONO READING BEFORE USING YOUR NEW CYLINDER!!  Like all spring-powered pneumatic components (including the original SYSTEMA PTWs), the main spring will break-in after about 500-1000 shots and settle into it's final velocity.  Each gun's output will vary (occasionally vastly) based on components used.  For example tight-bore barrels usually yield higher velocitites, where wide-bore barrels typically yield lower velocities.  Similarly, DSG setup will yield significantly lower velocitieis.  The above chat is for reference only and shows internal testing results under controlled environment inside our laboratory.   Always verify your own gun's output before use!

BREAK-IN NOTES:  To extend service interval, we have selected a more durable inner piston head o-ring (which pulls the nozzle) for our cylinders.  These much tougher o-rings may require mild break-in to function properly.  All new cylinders should be dry-fired ~50-100 times to help the o-ring seat against the nozzle.  (Don't worry, unlike regular AEGs, dry-firing your American PTW will have zero negative impacts due to the strength of Real Steel receivers.)  The above procedure is optional; most cylinders will not exhibit any issues at all, and even if break-in is required, at worst you lose a little bit of accuracy (due to muzzle velocity variations) and occasional BB chop if you skipped the break-in procedure. It will self-heal very quickly.


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