PTW I-Hop Inner Barrel System

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Meet the world's best hop-up system, exclusively for SYSTEMA PTWs!

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We (at ZShot) have been distributing, customizing, and tuning PTWs since 2004; and during all these time the one aspect that never could met our requirement was the hop-up.  So in 2014 (exactly 10 years later) we set out to make our own.

The I-Hop is the industry's most advance and most accurate hop-up system, based on proven engineering and physic principles.  Spotting the longest contact path of any factory hop-up design, the I-Hop's 8.5mm continuous contact path is significantly longer than traditional TM design, and a major improvement over the tiny contact surface offered by stock, and most aftermarket, SYSTEMA PTW hop-up design.

Notable advantage of the I-Hop includes:

- The most consistent shot-to-shot accuracy of any PTW hop-ups in the market.  In fact, some say the I-Hop is the most advanced hop-up design in the entire airsoft industry.
- Able to apply ample back-spins to even the heaviest BBs to keep them flying straight, including 0.46g BBs and beyond.
- Completely eliminate off-axis spins, a key feature for long-range accuracy.*
- Nickel-Boron plating for extreme smoothness and unmatched durability.
- Simple, tool-less adjustments
- User serviceable without any need to "re-tune" after servicing

* Off-axis spins occur when BB's axis of rotation is not completely horizontal - a common problem with R-Hops and to some degree TM style hop-up chambers.

The secret of the I-Hop lies in the revolutionary barrel design, where a thin slot machined at exactly 12 o'clock position provides the industry's longest contact path.  The longer time a BB is allowed to make contact with the hop bucking, the less pressure on the bucking is required to achieve the same level of back-spin.  Since avoiding excessive pressure is key to consistent hop, the I-Hop is a proven approach to achieve class-leading flight stability and hence long-range accuracy.

Furthermore, precision CNC machined hop-up chamber ensures all parts are rigidly connected to each other, eliminating any movements during a firing sequence.  This is a complete opposite approach to the factory PTW hop-up design (where the floating hop-adjustor ring moves up-and-down on each shot).  The hop-adjustor ring has been attributed to be the single biggest shortcomings of the original PTW hop-up design, because anything that moves introduce shot-to-shot variations.  By abandoning all the weaknesses, our I-Hop is able to create the world’s first PTW hop-up that nothing moves during a firing sequence.  This is another secret of why the I-Hop has proven the most consistent.

Last but not least, aerospace-grade Nickel Boron plating is applied to all I-Hop barrels.  This is an extremely advanced, durable, and environmental friendly surface treatment used by many industries including many premium AR bolt carrier groups.  It’s inherent surface smoothness and low co-efficient of friction is ideal for inner barrels, as it does not wear-out like the common Nitrite Teflon coatings, while allowing the maximum energy to be transferred to the BB.

The bottom line is, the new I-Hop drop-in barrel system is the world’s most advanced and most accurate PTW drop-in barrel replacement available today.  Get yours and discover the true potential of your PTW!


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