Are these Made-In-USA like the genuine Crye Precision Tactical Gear?

Although many of our raw material (such as Multicam fabric and webbing) are Made-In-USA, we are contractually obligated to ensure all replics are not Berry-Compliant. Therefore final assemblies will likely occur overseas.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes we can, as the replicas are not ITAR restricted. Please contact us at if you wish to place an international order.

Can these be used by law-enforcement or military personnel?

Since the replicas are lacking certain tactically-advantageous features (such as low IR signature coating), we do not recommend them for professional use. Instead. please purchase the original/genuine version directly from Crye Precision.

I can't find JPC in Multicam. What gives?

Only products that are in-stock or have concrete arrival date has been made available to purchase online. Certain color or patterns (such as Multicam JPC) may be slated for the next production run, and will be added / made-available once we have received arrival date from the production facility.

Will you make [insert wish list] color in the future?

Yes. Certain colors (such as Multicam Tropic/Black, Woodland, and Flecktarn) are already in the planning stage and will be added once available. We can also manufacture other colors as long as you can help us find a reliable supply of the raw material (mainly 500D and webbings).

Will ZShot be doing replica uniforms in the future?

They are currently being considered and we will update you once a decision has been made.

Is your sizing accurate?

All replica gear are directly template'd from genuine Crye Precision gear, thus they are sized correctly/properly for U.S. customers. You can also use genuine Crye gear's sizing chat to determine your selection.

Some of your colors look off. Why is that?

Genuine Crye Precision gear has their own specific color palette based on years of research. Whereas our replica's color is based on the most popular / requested color within the recreational community. As a result, the replica may not perfectly match the real Crye gear's color. For example, our "Coyote Brown" is based on the widely adopted Coyote Brown used by the military, not the "Coyote" color used by Crye.

Why is the Multicam variants priced differently?

All Multicam fabrics are Made In USA and shipped overseas for production. Whereas most Solid Color fabrics are produced by Invista (Cordura) factories abroad. Therefore, even though both U.S. and off-shore fabrics use the same Cordura manufacturing technology, having the same specifications, meet the same abrasion resistance standard, and even cost similarly, due to the lack of shipping and logistic cost all Solid Color gear will cost less.

What is your warranty policy?

Officially all licensed gear has a 1 year warranty; but if you've ever worked with us you know we've almost never stick that deadline to anyone.

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