High Power Airsoft Bio BB

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The one-and-only US-Certified biodegradable BB.

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Product Name Price
HPA Bio 0.40g / 2,200
HPA Bio 0.40g / 500
HPA Bio 0.36g / 2,700
HPA Bio 0.36g / 500
HPA Bio 0.32g / 3,000
HPA Bio 0.30g / 3,300
HPA Bio 0.28g / 3,500
HPA Bio 0.25g / 4,000
HPA Bio 0.23g / 4,350
HPA Bio 0.20g / 5,000



Originally developed for U.S. Military and Law Enforcement Training, where stringent Federal environmental requirements and specifications would've disqualified almost all other BBs (even "Bio" BBs) on the market, the High Power Airsoft Precision BBs are now available to the general public! And it's not just environmental-friendly that is our call to fame. Each HPA BB is precision-grounded to ±0.01mm and ±5% in weight variations, we pride ourselves to also be the most accurate bio BB in the market. Try a bag, and you will never use any other BBs!


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