American PTW-Builder's Edition

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The ultimate training weapon, now indestructible!

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Introducing the American PTW builder's Edition!  Where your dream gun comes to life!

So what are the differences between the original American PTW Mod-0 and Builder's Edition?  Actually not much.  The Builder's Edition is basically a bare-bone APTW that keeps the best of the American PTW DNA (indestructable receivers, lighting fast trigger response, interchangable cylinder system, etc) but trimmed off all the fat (rail, stock, cyilnder, BUIS - stuff you may end up replacing anyway).  In addition, various internal components are swithced out to items custom-build to our specification, and since they were made just for us we cut a layer of middle-man off and pass on the savings to you.

And to top everything off, you get the same lagendary 5 YEAR Mechanical Warranty!

Comparison between the original APTW Mod-0 and "Builder's Edition"

Components URX-10 Mod-0 Builder's Edition

Upper Receiver RS (LMT, CNC Modified) RS (LMT, CNC Modified)
Lower Receiver RS (80%, CNC Modified) RS (80%, CNC Modified)

Hop-up ZShot Customs I-Hop (CNC) ZShot Customs I-Hop (CNC)
Inner Barrel 6.04 Nickel Boron Coated 6.04 Nickel Boron Coated
Outer Barrel 12" Mid-Length 10.3" Mk18 / CQB
Flash Hider Knight's Armament Airsoft QDC Flash Hider on-request Not Included
Rail Interface Knight's Armament Airsoft URX3.1 Not Included
Back Up Iron Sights Knight's Armament Airsoft Flip-up Front/Rear Sight Not Included

Cylinder Unit SYSTEMA M130 Not Included
Magazine RS PMAG (CNC Modified with genuine
SYSTEMA inner case assembly)
RS PMAG (CNC Modified with genuine
SYSTEMA inner case assembly)

Gearbox Genuine SYSTEMA SuperMAX ZShot Customs (CNC, MAX spec)
Electronics Genuine SYSTEMA ECU and Switch Device ZShot Customs 3-Round Burst Programmable
Motor Genuine SYSTEMA 490B ZShot Customs 13-T High-Torque Balanced Motor

Pistol Grip RS Magpul MIAD ZShot Customs A2-style Grip
Buffer Tube RS (Mil-spec, CNC Modified) ZShot Customs CNC Buffer Tube
Slide Stock Magpul CTR Not Included

Note:  Builder's Editions are currently back-ordered with 4-6 weeks lead-time.

Check out our APTW Torture Test video to find out why these are indestructible!

Here are some unbiased opinion from AMS leaderships who's been running them for a while! (Our long-term test gun with Frosty has been running flawlessly for over 4 years.)


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