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Based on requests mostly from LE agencies, we are proud to introduce the American PTW builder's Edition where agencies can now replicate their service rifle for training purpose while reducing overall training cost.  After servicing the professional community for a few years, our team has recognized these major wish-list from trainers:  Cost, configuration, and motor lifespan.

To adderss the cost issue, we spent the last 3 years developing in-house components with several long-standing oversea manufacturing partners, by providing them with experiences and technical information, so that "properly compatible" components with exact dimensions can be produced at much lower cost.  Instead of our competitor who simply reverse-enginner the original PTW and "get pretty close", our version is "exact".

In regards to configuration, instead of paying for the URX rail or MIAD grip only to take them off and replace with the same rail as-configured with the agency's service rifle, the Builder's Edition will be offered as a "bare-bone" kit where only the essential operating components are assembled.  This introduce cost-efficiency never before seen in any PTW configurations.

Lastly, we've proven the APTW is the undisputed king of taking physical abuse (see below torture tests), but one complaint remains from many trainers is the frequency they must service the motor.  As a result we have incorporated a semi-auto lock-out which does not allow users to rapidly fire the gun (aka "trigger-spam) in semi-auto. This significantly improved motor operating efficiency, service life, and service interval.*

While all these improvements were done to satisfy our core customers in the military and law-enforcement community, we do expect our recreational customer to also enjoy many of these benefits.  Don't let this training-centric version intimidate you - building out your deam gun is one of the most satisfying challenge you can face!

* Remark:  We've received some feedback from recreational users who felt the semi-auto lock-out, albeit making the gun more reliable, is lacking in competitiveness.  We recognize that unlike using a real firearm, where you almost never rapidly fire the gun in semi (if you need accuracy you must take time to aim; if you need supressive fire you just swithch to full-auto), in milsim skirmishes players often have the need to dump BBs down range and even "walk your ammo" to your target; and combined with modern semi-only rule sets, the ability to "trigger spam" becomes an important feature.  As a result, we are intorducing a "Milsim Edition" where a 3rd party ECU upgrade without the semi lock-out will be pre-installed.  If you plan on using the APTW as a training gun, and wish to continue encouraging trainees to "place better shots" and not let them cheat by rapid succession of firing, choose the standard edition.  If you need the competitiveness on milsim events, go for the Milsim Edition!!

Comparison between the original APTW Mod-0 and "Builder's Edition"

Components URX-10 Mod-0 Builder's Edition Milsim Edition

Upper Receiver RS (LMT, CNC Modified) RS (LMT, CNC Modified) RS (LMT, CNC Modified)
Lower Receiver RS (80%, CNC Modified) RS (80%, CNC Modified) RS (80%, CNC Modified)

Hop-up ZShot Customs I-Hop (CNC)
Inner Barrel 6.04 Nickel Boron Coated
Outer Barrel 12" Mid-Length 10.3" Mk18 / CQB
Flash Hider Knight's Armament Airsoft QDC Flash Hider on-request Not Included
Rail Interface Knight's Armament Airsoft URX3.1 Not Included
Back Up Iron Sights Knight's Armament Airsoft Flip-up Front/Rear Sight Not Included

Cylinder Unit SYSTEMA M130 Not Included
Magazine RS PMAG (CNC Modified with genuine SYSTEMA inner case assembly)

Gearbox Genuine SYSTEMA SuperMAX ZShot Customs (CNC, MAX spec)
Electronics Genuine SYSTEMA ECU and Switch Device ZShot Customs ETiny ECU
Motor Genuine SYSTEMA 490B ZShot Customs High-Torque Balanced Motor

Pistol Grip RS Magpul MIAD ZShot Customs A2-style Grip
Buffer Tube RS (Mil-spec, CNC Modified) ZShot Customs CNC Buffer Tube
Slide Stock Magpul CTR Not Included

Mechanical Warranty 5 Years (parts and labor, against manufacturing defects)
Motor Warranty Lifetime (parts only, against manufacturing defects) 1 Year 30 Days / DOA
Electronic Warranty 5 Year (parts only, excluding liquid intrusion) 1 Year 30 Days / DOA

Note:  Builder's Editions are currently back-ordered with 4-6 weeks lead-time.

Check out our APTW Torture Test video to find out why these are indestructible!

Here are some unbiased opinion from AMS leaderships who's been running them for a while! (Our long-term test gun with Frosty has been running flawlessly for over 4 years.)


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