Knight's Armament Airsoft LMG (Gen-2) Hop-up Chamber

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Custom modified Bullgear M249 hop-up for KAA LMG G2

Not Available. Backorder Not Accepted.




First Batch Prototypes SOLD OUT
– We just ran a SECOND batch; availability is limited. –

The Gen-2 KAA (Knight's Armament Airsoft) LMG uses a slightly modified M249 hop-up chamber to achieve maximum feeding speed, but unfortunately standard M249 hop-up chamber doesn't work with the KAA LMG... and users are left with not much choice in the market. But fear no more - here is a custom-modified version of the industry's best M249 hop-up chamber, made to fit the KAA LMG like a glove!

Please note that these are current prototype build - only 10 of them have been made.

What YOU get:
- a custom CNC cut prototype to test with
- a promise that if we go to production AND there are any changes we made between these prototype and the production version, we will ship you a "production" hop-up for free. (i.e. if we found there are deficiencies in the prototype, you are not left in the cold)
- bragging rights to say you own a prototype!

What WE get:
- A usage report from you on the hop-up.

No back-orders will be accepted since we only had 10 of these - once gone these are gone forever, and you will need to wait for the final production version. Sorry!


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