Airsoft Innovations "Oil Pump"

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Automagically apply the appropriate amount of lubricant to your Tornado Greande or gas pistols / rifles - every single time you fill'em up!

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One of the biggest enemy of gas-powered systems have always been proper lubrication - whether it is the discipline of frequently applying lubrication to the weapon, or using the correct amount, most people never seems to get it right. With infrequent or too little lubricant, the weapon won't function properly. But too frequent or excessive lubricant? It attracts dirt, sand, and other foreign particles, causing the weapon to jam prematurely. But don't sweat it, Airsoft Innovation is here to make this seemingly daunting task as simple as filling your gas gun's magazine!

Introducing the Airsoft Innovations "Oil Pump"! When used in conjunction with our Gun Gas Kit, it automatically deliver just the right amount of silicon lubricant to your weapon by pre-blending the silicon within your propane tank. Once mixed, every time you fill your magazine, a carefully measured amount of silicon will be injected to the magazine together with your propellent, thus lubricating the weapon whenever it fires. Compare to other methods of "manually" lubricating your weapon, this is the most sure-fire, simple, and hassle-free approach any way you slice it.

- Simple to use and apply - just "pump" silicon into a new propane tank
- The recommended dosage will deliver the proper amount of lubricants to your weapon automatically and constantly
- Use the included ID tags to remind yourself which propane tank has pre-mixed silicon
- Package includes (1) bottle of gas-gun silicon oil, and (1) bottle of Tornado Grenade silicon oil ($20 value)

Note: Only compatible with the original Airsoft-Innovation Gun Gas Kit (i.e. NOT compatible with other generic propane adapters).


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